What is Neurales?

An Open-Source Artificial Intelligence Platform designed to provide:

State of the Art AI Tools

10+ advanced AI tools at the click of a button. With Auto ML for the new users and in-depth configuration for those experienced.

Prototype, Deploy, and Scale

Build, Deploy, and Scale in the cloud or on premises.

Standardize, Compare, and Replicate

Model NFTs utilizing the Algorand black chain with metrics for performance, bias, standardization, and reproduce-ability.

Buy and Sell AI Models

Buy models you need, Sell models you make.

Where is Neurales Going?

Beta Release

Neurales Beta

We are proud to announce the beta release of Neurales. An open source git hub repo for anyone to try out machine learning using Neurales.

December 2020

Neurales 1.0.0

Neurales Genesis

GENESIS includes the following modules: CSV module, BI module, Time series, RL (beta), NLP (beta), Computer vision (beta),

March 2022

Neurales 2.0.0

Neurales Antares

Neurales will include many more features!

September 2022

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