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At Neurales we understand the life cycle of your data science projects may ebb and flow. But, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way! so if you’re just getting into machine learning or you’re an expert we have your back. We wont lock you into any contracts either.

Choose from three tiers each having benefits over one another. Casual is suited for those just starting out who don’t need much but are looking to start experimenting and honing their skills.  Standard is what you’ll find you’ll need to really take your Data Science skills to the next level. Premium is what you’ll need to start implementing Machine Laearning into your own projects or products.

  • Customer Support within 7 days
  • Local Compute Resources
  • 3 project limit
  • 1 Tb limit
  • Customer Support within 72 hours
  • Cloud Compute Resources
  • 8 project limit
  • 4 Tb limit
  • Streaming Data
  • Customer Support within 24 hours
  • Cloud Compute Resources
  • 15 project limit
  • 10 Tb limit
  • Streaming Data
  • API Access
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Collaborate seamlessly across on all project across your organization.

Compute in the Cloud

Take advanced of super fast hardware hosted in secure cloud environments.

Fast and Easy

Cut your project time to a fraction of what it currently is using the sleak and easy to use Neruales User Interface.

Excellent Support

We'll be ready to take your questions and provide you with fast and actionable feedback.

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